Minnesota/30 June 2009

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Here is the "leaky" graph along with the base for comparison:

As can be seen the "leaky" graph indeed does show increased GFP production at low aTc concentrations.


Reaction Forward Kinetic Constant Reverse Kinetic Constant
RNAp + tetO1:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR230
RNAp + tetO1:aTc:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR230
RNAp + tetO1:aTc2:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR230

These graphs show almost no change from yesterday's graph, even though the kinetic constant has been reduced by an order of magnitude. This is probably due to the fact that the constant is so low already, and so making it even lower will have little effect.