Student Brainstorming


After 2 weeks of cramping the basic yet detailed principles of chemotaxis, GPCR's, and the signal pathway necessary for chemotaxis to be activated, it was time for us to put our knowledge to use and develop ideas that could be used in the project. We came up with various ideas as brakes, acceleration, and steering such as positive feed back loops, negative feedback loops, bypassing signal transduction, Fusions, membrane manipulation, localization, ect. We presented these ideas in what we called the "team challenge" to determine which ideas were most creative as well as applicable within our time range at UCSF. After much discussion we decided to divide our project into two sections to better focus on separate ideas. These sections would later be known as team HL-60 and team dicty. THUS! THE JOURNEY BEGINS!!! WHAT WONDERS AWAIT OUR YOUNG RESEARCHERS!? WHAT OBSTACLES HINDER THEIR QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE?! WHAT FOES AWAIT THEIR ARRIVAL? CONTAMINATION? LACK OF SLEEP? NO NO NO SOMETHING MORE EVIL...SOMETHING MORE HORRENDOUS AND SINISTER IN WHICH THE LIKE OF MERE MORTALS HAVE YET TO SEE NOR IMAGINE!wait and see...wait and see... sleep well...they are watching you...O.O


Edna, Cathy, and Ryan discussing their ideas