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Week Four

June 8th- 17th

What are we trying to do?

We want the bacteria to lyse, to kill itself from the inside.

Well then, to do that we had to get a lysis gene in it. The thing is, with the lysis gene needs to be turned on by this specific substance called a promoter

There are two kinds of promoters, ones that make the gene they're attached to , be 'on' all the time. Then, you have ones that turn on when you want them to, in our case, when you add a mystery enzyme.

Our Step-wise Process:

How we tried to do this:

Step 1 - Taking dry DNA from wells

Step 2 - Transforming competent cells

Step 3 - Picking a single colony.

Step 4 - Inoculating broth with Ampicillin-R (an antibiotic) and letting it grow for 18 hours.

Step 5 - Using the resulting culture for mini-prep. - a process used to purify plasmids and yields clean, usable DNA.

Step 6 - Digesting the DNA

Step 7 - Gel Electrophoresis

Step 8- Ligation

Step 9- Transformation and Inoculation

June 9th

The June 9th Image Gallery

Images of the various results attained: