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Week Two


May 22nd

We still spent the initial part of the week reading up a lot on various topics related to art,science and technology, trying to guage what exactly our project was and could be.

Parallely, we applied our imagination onto various small scale projects such as making our own livin biological sculptures and thinking up ideas of presentation at the jamboree.

However, we were still thinking from the perspective of an art/design student and were applying only our previous background-based understanding.

Today's Reading:

Observations of an Art of Growing Interest:

Jenshauser Some basics of Gene Expression and production of Proteins and Enzymes by Genes

May 25th

Presentation ideas- Bollywood sculpture?

How to read a scientific Paper by Mukund

1) Scan through the entire article quickly and find out what they are saying or trying to say.

2) Do not get lost in the references beyond 2 layers

We wanted to create our own gel-electrophoresis chamber, so we looked up various guides on the internet and chose this to be the best out of them:

How to create a gel electrophoresis chamber:


Today's Reading:

A synthetic Oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators:


May 27th

The Open Gel Box:

A blog about the 2009 UMass Amherst iGEM team :

Extracting DNA from Strawberries:

May 28th


Avni's Chicken in a Kaleidoscope

Neha's From a Spider

Sandeep's Mustard Seeds

May 29th