Team:British Columbia


E.coli Traffic Light:
A flexible, modular, and transparent system for multi-level assessment of variable inputs.'

Biosensors have a diverse variety of real-world functions, ranging from measuring blood glucose levels in diabetes patients to assessing environmental contamination of trace toxins. The majority of these sensors are highly specific for a single input, and their outputs often require specialized equipment such as surface plasmon resonance chips.

Our project aims to create a biosensor that recognizes a specific target and alters its output fluorescence from green, to yellow, to red as a function of concentration up to critical levels (hence, a biological "traffic light").

Click the colours of the traffic light to learn about its different subparts!

Sensors: This links to the pBAD promoters that sense the arabinose. Lock and Key: this controls when the colors are produced The Jammer: this mRNA sequence blocks the key from opening the lock.