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24th April 12:30 - 18:00 o'clock Manuel

Literaturrecherche zu FokI.
Entstandene Ideen:
  • three oligo's: two for binding the monomers and one to create a dsDNA where FokI can bind.
  • two oligo's: one for binding one monomer, the second for binding the second monomer and to create dsDNA (one monomer has to be inactivated).
  • one oligo: both binding sites of the monomers on one oligo (also one monomer has to be inactivated).

The 196 C-terminale aminoacids of FokI were used from other groups (see reference 1). Primersequences are also provided in the publication.
Reference 1: Freiburg09_FokI_Zn-Finger_1996.pdf

29th april 21o'clock Rüdiger