Measurement Kit

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Name Part type Registry link
pSMB_MEASURE: Promoter Measurement plasmid (mammalian) Plasmid backbone Part:BBa_K203100
pSMB_REFERENCE Plasmid Part:BBa_K203099

Core promoters

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The following Parts contain the JeT proximal promoter, and a core promoter as described. Core and proximal promoter are separated by a HindIII site. Parts can be applied for testing synthetic proximal promoters. The strength of promoters derived from these parts can be modified by core promoter swapping.

Name Part type Registry link
JeT Regulatory Part:BBa_K203112
JeT proximal-CMV core Regulatory Part:BBa_K203113

Promoters created by RA-PCR

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All contain the core promoter of Part:BBa_K203112 and were screened / measured in Part:BBa_K203100.

Name Part type Registry link
Constitutive promoter; 0.4 REU Regulatory Part:BBa_K203110
Constitutive promoter; 1 REU Regulatory Part:BBa_K203118
Constitutive promoter; 2 REU Regulatory Part:BBa_K203111
Constitutive promoter; 2.5 REU Regulatory Part:BBa_K203109
NF-κB regulated promoter Regulatory Part:BBa_K203119
pPARγ regulated promoter 1 Regulatory Part:BBa_K203114
pPARγ regulated promoter 2 Regulatory Part:BBa_K203115

HEARTBEAT Predicted promoters

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Name Part type Registry link
SREBP regulated promoter, predicted, tested HB8 Regulatory Part:BBa_K203125
SREBP regulated promoter, predicted, tested HB9 Regulatory Part:BBa_K203126

Natural promoters

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Name Part type Registry link
LDL receptor promoter (sterol regulated) Regulatory Part:BBa_K203105
HMG-CoA synthase promoter (sterol regulated) Regulatory Part:BBa_K203106
c-Jun promoter (growth factor regulated) Regulatory Part:BBa_K203107

Targeting Signals

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Protein domains for targeting to sub-cellular compartments.

Name Part type Registry link
Plasma membrane targeting (GPI anchor) Protein domain Part:BBa_K203000
Plasma membrane targeting (myrpalm) Protein domain Part:BBa_K203108
ER membrane targeting (C-terminal) Protein domain Part:BBa_K203101
ER membrane targeting (N-terminal) Protein domain Part:BBa_K203124
mCherry-myrpalm-polyA Composite Part:BBa_K203116
GFP-polyA Composite Part:BBa_K203117