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II09 Temporal control.pngModule Integration

Engineering Approach to Module Integration by Temporal Control

This temporal control platform showcases our engineering approach in the E.ncapsulator project. It allows us to integrate all our modules in a simple and elegant way.

We’ve made our entire system modular, where we trigger the succession of events using this control system. Here, we have tackled a drug delivery problem, but this "Black box" approach can be applied to any other system. This is our novel engineering approach, which is extremely reusable in synthetic biology.

II09 BlackBox3.png

Timeline of Temporal Control

This timeline shows the sequence of occurrence of these events:

  About the timeline, its explainations, and to view our testing construct.


Module integration has allowed us to link all our modules together, to create a working network.

It also allows us to showcase the advantages of synthetic biology as the marriage of engineering with biology. By integrating the engineering principles of reusability and simplicity of system, we have developed this platform to program biologcal systems.

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