Team:KULeuven/22 July 2009



Project progress

Wet Lab

  • Grown parts in liquid medium

Dry Lab

Over the last few days the blue light sensor, and the vanillin production were modeled in simbiology from mathworks. Most of the kinetic parameters are unknown.


The Vanillin Receptor is not usable, Madrid also tried and ran into all sorts of problems: Problems span from the binding of the periplasmic protein to the vanillin molecule, to the function of the fusion protein, to the activation of the ompR.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Construct a different vanillin receptor
    • Using VirA/VirG, a phenol receptor in agrobacterium .
  2. Detect an alternative substance that has a linear relationship with the vanillin concentration
    • Vanillin inhibits the Ahl receptor
    • Synthesis of another signaling molecule that could be sensed