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Team Meetings

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We meet once a week to discuss planning and progress.

This page includes brief summaries of what goes on behind closed doors.


April 22 Broke off into different planning groups.

We split into three groups in order to focus and organize our planning stages. The groups are:

Fundraising Alix Blackshaw, Megan Torry

Business Planning Jeffrey Fischer, Roxanne Shank, Ashley Duncan, HJ Wieden

Research and Development Jeffrey Fischer, Lisza Bruder, Nathan Puhl, Fan Mo, Kirsten Rosler, Mackenzie Coatham, HJ Wieden

April 29 Starting to solidify our goals.

Fundraising group has come up with 4 levels of donations.

Research and Development have possibly found our model organism.

May 4th is our kickoff event with AIF.

We discussed setting up lab tutorials for those of us that are new team members, the dates and times TBD.


May 6 Finalizing our separate sub teams

The business plans are almost finalized; comments from everyone are due on Monday at class.

Lab tutorials: Everyone will be responsible for their own genes in order to finish off last years project and to learn molecular techniques.

Our Ethics leader: Alix Blackshaw

The presentation team: Lisza Bruder, Mackenzie Coatham, Ashley Duncan, Megan Torry

May 13

Lecture topic: What is synthetic biology?

Business Plan Editing

  • more clarity needed for potential applications
  • pipeline: 2 foundational advances, 1 product
  • no time line, no relevance

May 20

Lecture topic: molecular cloning and related technologies

More business plan editing, Dragon's Den (hosted by Alberta ingenuity fund) in 5 days!

May 27

Lecture topic: Open Wet Ware and Biobricks

Dragon's Den debriefing

Ethics evaluation for workshop on the 29th in Calgary



June 3

iGEM and BrioBricks "midterm"

Ethics debriefing.

Student presentations start next week!

June 10

Student Presentation: Megan Torry on "Complete Chemical Synthesis, Assembly, and Cloning of a Mycoplasma genitalium Genome" Gibson et al. Science 2008

June 17

Student Presentation: Lisza Bruder

June 24

Student Presentation: Ashley Duncan on "A Synthetic Oscillatory Network of Transcriptional Regulators" Michael B. Elowitz and Stanislas Leibler

Signing up for workshops for the wiki/fundraising/presentation weekend.


July 1st

Happy Canada Day! No meeting

July 8th

Student presentation: Mackenzie Coatham on "The construction of a genetic toggle switch in E. coli "


August 5th

Student Presentation: Kirsten Rosler on "A Synthetic Genetic Edge Detection Program" by Jeffrey J. Tabor, Howard M. Salis, Zachary Booth Simpson, Aaron A. Chevalier, Anselm Levskaya, Edward M. Marcotte, Christopher A. Voigt and Andrew D. Ellington

Divided team wikis up to study an report back on.

August 19th

We have grant money! Project tracks (1) Foundational Advances (2) Environmental

Project Proposal defenses:

  • Ashley: battling wheat leaf rust with E. coli
  • Kirsten: converting toxic sludge created by paper mills into chemcials not harmful to the environment
  • Lisza: high pressure, high temperature organisms for a new chassis (helpful to break down oil sands)
  • Mackenzie: Biordorant
  • Alix: breaking down sewage to use as compost in developing countries
  • Megan: Algae's gift to neuroscience, channel rhodopsin


September 2nd


  • judging criteria: wiki, poster and presentation
  • figures: gel showing over expression of proteins, one of the fluorescent proteins into a compartment, nanoparticle
  • VIPs: Tony Russel, Daniel Weeks

Parts registry page: keep the s codes separate, need code & info(detailed info to be added later), sequences?

Make a "Criteria met for judging page"

We need some canvassing done for fund raising

Synsystems as a business? Roxanne is looking into this

Modeling: everything is ready to go, making the U of A teams stuff priority

nanoparticle by end of the week?!

September 9th

We have 8 people going to the jamboree. Need to book flights and hotel.

Plan to come in on the Friday and leave on the Monday, which will do the least damage to class, lab and work schedules.

Alix is looking into samples for T-shirts for the jamboree, this needs to be done soon!

Poster (and presentation) for aGEM:

  • Figures: microcompartment with YFP and CFP inside, FRET diagram (Fan is doing both of these), nanoparticle diagram (Megan) and the biobattery (using Jeff's from the Dragon's Den, Ashley will send to Lisza)

September 16th

Lisza is getting knee surgery! Oh no!

So we need a different presenter for Saturday, Roxanne is picking it up as she is most familiar with inner workings of project.

Microcompartment update, interior of microcompartment is also negative.

Leaving for Banff, one car at 4:00 on Friday, one a little later. We need to know what HJ wants.

Shirts were ordered today, navy blue.

Flights: out of calgary at 7AM, get into Boston at 5/6. Changeover in Toronto. Flights back at 5:30 from Boston, and changeover in Montreal, arrive back in Calgary at 11.


Practice presentation: Mackenzie and Lisza


October 7

Chinook Symposium

Making responsibilities + deadlines documents to pass around to team in order to complete things on time

October 14

T-shirts:final voting

Plane tickets? Not yet (haha, are we getting a little to close for comfort yet?)

Modeling! Jeffy has a model of the lumazine microcomparment he is working on.

Imperial Oil grant for 2010?

October 21

Wiki Freeze is tonight


AIF events

May 6 Kickofff event with Jen from AIF

May 25 Dragon's Den at AIF offices in Edmonton AB. Jeff, Ashley and Roxanne attended.

May 29 E3LS/Human Practices Workshop at the U of C.

July 11th and 12thWiki, presentation and fundraising workshops at the U of L campus. The U of L team took out the U of C and U of A to the Duke. No one took pictures. :(

Aug 10th and 11th Oilsands tour group in Fort McMurray with UofA and UofC. HJ and Lisza attended.

Oilsands tour group.jpg

September 18th to 20th aGEM Jamboree in Banff at the Banff Center.

October 27th IDT conference in Toronto

Picking Local Potatoes

Picking potatoes was fun and a good workout.

P1000568.JPG This is the first step. The tractor digs up the potatoes

P1000560.JPG Many potatoes we found were shaped like hearts!

P1000574.JPG I was surprised they allowed me on the tractor!

P1000578.JPG Here is one of the many big piles!

P1000564.JPG Later we put piles in buckets to be weighed.

P1000566.JPG Some delicious greenhouse tomatoes