DIYbio's Future

We had a lot of fun finding out about DIYbio. And it was most interesting to analyze the survey and interviews to get a feel of people's attitude towards DIYbio. Looking forward, we feel that DIYbio has a lot of potential. After the iGEM experience, we're sure that most of you (iGEM participants) would also not mind riding this wave of homebrew biology!

From the survey, the interviews and our internal debate, we conclude that DIYbio can start to get mass support and following, only if the biosafety, security and ethics issues have been comprehensively addressed.

We found this interesting series of videos at SYNbioSAFE.

SYNBIOSAFE is the first scientific project in Europe to research the safety and ethical aspects of synthetic biology, and aims to proactively stimulate a debate on these issues.

These videos interviews with top experts in the emerging field of synthetic biology. These who's who of synthetic biology were asked the following questions:

  • What is synthetic biology? Will it change the future?
  • What applications are in the pipeline? And what are the ethical considerations?
  • What are the new safety and security risks?
  • And finally, what approach will best suit the progress of synthetic biology: patents or open source?

We found these videos very informative and compelling. You can watch them here.

Links of interest

If you've heard enough of DIYbio to give it a try, then we leave you with some great links we found to get you started! Have fun!

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