Brainstorming with one brain that belongs to nori



Cell to Cell communication (Quorum sensing)

  • orthogonal cell-cell signaling will be required for our ART painting

Existing systems->

  • LuxI-LuxR
  • LasI-LasR
  • ciniI-cinR
  • RhII-RhIR
  • Evaluate diffuse of signals - PoPs, RiPs and Degradation

Timer or counter(optional addon)

  • well known genetic circuit
  • light or sound induced?

Output -pattern and painting-


we have to control the motility of E.coli or salmonella on soft-agar plate

Stop rotation of flagella motor

  • use molecular clutch (iGEM08 Imperial college) [[1]]

->However, this parts was characterized only in butilus.

Stop viased random walk

express che?

Stop flagellar assembly

  • use the strain that lacks flagella gene. But Inactivating auto inducer will be needed!

Art Challange

  • no team had done this theme. Ethics and environmental issue was emphasized.