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New practices for this year:

In order to better preserve our 2009 parts library, whenever you use a new BioBrick, remove the 15uL of water that you resuspended with, transfer it to a PCR tube, and store in the iGEM 2009 box at -20. Also make sure to list whatever parts you pull on this notebook page. (And, of course, make glycerol stocks of every part that you pull from the registry.



Pulled parts:

(Tail switching)

BBa_I719005 - T7 promoter

BBa_I719015 - T7 promoter test circuit with GFP

BBa_B0034 - Strong RBS

BBa_B0015 - commonly used strong forward terminator

BBa_B1006 - new, strong forward terminator

(Tet selection)

pSB4K5 - low copy Kan vector

(Part for Dr. Beason)


from the 2009 library plates.

Used 1uL of each to HS transform into XL1 competent cells.