Helping others

During our project we tried to be as helpful as possible to the other teams.

We've tried to share our experiences on our blog. Especially the description of our best mistakes, resulted in a quite a lot of response from other teams, who where having similar problems. Hopefully they avoided making the same mistakes.


We all contributed to the Valencia's survey, and got a gold medal for helping them. Thanks Valencia :-)

To make things easier in the lab for ourselves and for other teams we made a program for the Ti84 pocket calculator, which we posted on our wiki under Tools. The program makes it easy to calculate concentrations and volumes for making the optimal ligation mix.

We have improved the characterization of the part pSB1A3.

We have corresponded with the other Danish team DTU-Denmark and agreed to help each other by evaluating our presentations before the competition this way getting a good sense of what we can do to optimize the communication of our project.

We also corresponded with Team Groningen from the Netherlands and helped them solve some problems similar to those we were facing at the beginning of the project. We had learned by experience that small concentrations of DNA in the samples were causing the problem and therefore advised the team to use PCR to increase the concentration there samples to get a better result.


We would like to thank the kind people from DTU-Denmark for helping us throughout the competition.

Thanks to Team Groningen for exchanging ideas and problem solving with our common ligation troubles.

A really big hug goes to Meagan and the rest of the HQ for their fast response and help with everything else!

And of course, all of this couldn't have been posible without the support from the University of Southern Denmark and our sponsors. Especially Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff from BMB, deserves great credit for making this possible.