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Further Experiments Can be Done

Due to the time limit, the detailed mechanisms of how different chemicals lead to protein mis-folding in periplasm of E.coli are not been clarified. Moreover, the signalling pathways from specific mis-folded protein to the degP and spy promoters are not fully investigated. Furthermore, NarK and mNark promoters can be tested in bioreactors, where the oxygen level can be modified and monitored precisely and accurately.

In order to achieve our goal---improving on the traditional sensors in bio-processing; by using green fluorescent protein (GFP), yellow fluorescent protein (YFP), cyan fluorescent protein (CFP) and red fluorescent protein (RFP) expression as indicators of different stresses for E.coli bacteria during cultivation. Further investigations need to be conducted.

For example:

  • More specific experiments to investigate how metal ions like Cu, Fe can cause mis-folding proteins.
  • Batch Fermentation in bioreactors, which will allow us to manage the conditions confidently
  • Targeting for specific pharmaceutical related proteins and their signalling pathways.
  • Ligating different stress detectors together to form "Traffic lights Detecting System"

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