Team:UNC Chapel Hill/12 June 2009



  • Did the same procedure as on June 4th but with using only the chemically competent cells. For the positive control plasmid, we used PUC19 instead of pBluescript.
  • Scott will check on results tomorrow and send an email.
  • Did some project planning as well. Right now, it appears that we are heading to doing a project that entails the mathematical analysis of different promoters. This is something that doesn't appear to have happened.
  • Kar and Scott talked about the project in detail as well. Scott mentioned the idea of making a switch that changes from RFP to GFP by using Cre with LoxP sites. The LoxP sites can surround the protein sequence for RFP, so when Cre is introducted, the RFP sequence is deleted, and the plasmid goes onto GFP.