Team:UNC Chapel Hill/13 August 2009


Completed the beginning of Step 1 of our remaining tasks - Digestion, Ligation, Transformation of GFP and Double Terminator into pSB1K3. Matt was right - the concentration of T4 DNA Ligase Buffer was not correct (5X instead of 10) so we adjusted accordingly. Culturing was done on KAN plates.

Tomorrow, we will check colonies, put one on CARB, and miniprep/save down, culture. If the process didn't work, we will use the precipitation procedure and run gels.

NE Biolabs supplies were used where possible, and we used Fermentas enzymes/fast digest. The only cause for concern was lack of NE or T4 Fermentas Ligase Buffer and Ligase. Rather than use one of NE and one of Invitrogen, we used both Invitrogen.

The new part is in index D1 of the blue -20 box, and will be added to the parts database now.

-JT and EK