Team:UNC Chapel Hill/19 June 2009



  • Met and talked about potential projects in detail
  • Scott showed pictures of his results, transfecting the RFP part into bacteria:


  • Went over two projects:
  1. Genetic Trigger Switch using Recombinases - The biological system will be in one state (say producing Red Fluorescent Proteins). A trigger will occur to induce the production of a recombinase, which will excise a sequence to put the system into another state (say producing Green Fluorescent Proteins). See attached for the presentation.
  2. Characterization system of iGem parts - Create a system to characterize various different iGem components using Fluorescent Proteins. For example, come up with a part with a blank spot for a promoter. This part would allow many different promoters to be compared. Could do similar tests on Ribosomal binding sites and Terminators. Would entail creating a detailed mathematical modeling system. Would also be immensely practical and useful for iGem.
  • Will be voting on them by Monday.