Team:UNC Chapel Hill/26 July 2009



  • Miniprepped everything that was cultured overnight except for pSB1A3, which is not supposed to be red (WTF). Recultured pSB1A3 with a non-red colony.
  • Made a positive control to test to see if the KAN plates were good.
  • Tested the Optical Density of the solutions. Spectrophotometer results:
    • A1: -11.8 ng/uL
    • A2: 3.5 ng/uL
      • re-blanked here
    • A3: -1.2 ng/uL
    • A4: -7.1 ng/uL
    • A5: -4.2 ng/uL
    • A6: -6.9 ng/uL
      • blanked with different water here
    • A7: -6.9 ng/uL
  • Something is definitely wrong. Either with the miniprepping or the spectrophotometery.