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Measurements - Evaporation

The "frame effect" on the plate

In the first experiments we did not use the lid on the microplate and we find out that the wells were subjected at a non uniform evaporation phenomenon, if the plate was left in incubation at 37°C inside the instrument.

In particular we observed that the evaporation was larger in the wells on the frame of the plate.

We tried to correct this phenomen dispensing water through the instrument injector, but we did not find a satisfactory dispensing protocol, as you can see in the figure below, which shows the final volumes in the wells after a 24 hours incubation. The initial volume was 200 μl (LB medium) and others 110 μl were added during the incubation.

You can find more informations about the experiment at Download Protocol - Test n.3, 10/06/09.

Evaporation phenomenon without lid, LB

Finally we decided to cover the microplate with the lid to limit the phenomenon, not dispensing any water. We also decided not to use the wells on the frame to perform the measurements of interest, but simply fill them with water or growth medium to maintain the temperature homogenous in the plate.

Evaporation phenomenon with lid, LB

You can find more informations about the experiment in the figure on top at Download Protocol - Test n.11, 21/07/09.