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Who we are:

From left to right (front to back when collocation): Zhaofeng Luo, Li Xing, Bin Wu, Hanyu Lu, Danqian Liu, Hao Jiang, Chao Li, Hao Wu, Jiayi Dou, Hao Zhou, Zongxiao He, Jiong Hong, Xiaoxiao Ma


Student Members:


  • Jiarui Wu: wujr AT
  • Haiyan Liu: hyliu AT

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Team Description

We work together, create together, have fun together, persue dream together! What we have is passoin and courage, what we pursue is challenge and creation. We are a family more than a team, we are brothers and sisters more than schoolmates!

We will keep every single laughter in mind as well as dismay and frustration. We miss those days when heated discussion took place to determine proceeding plans and those nights when we repeat experiments to figure out puzzles. What we finally get is much more than the project E.ADEM, but friendship, courage, strength and happiness.

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Who was helped by us

  • USTC_software
    • Hao Jiang helped them on the topic pick and constantly gave them suggestions on the biological issues.
    • We offered them the experimental data to test their software.
  • TUDelft: We helped them finish the survey[1].
  • Valencia: We helped them finish the survey[2].

Who helped us

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