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About USTC_Software

A bunch of energetic young guys bumping into each other in pursuit of the truth of life, and this is basically the essential reason why we are here now.

This year, we are much more populated than before. This not only gets solid proof from the increasing coverage of participants' number, but also can be demonstrsted by the big variance among participants' backgrounds. The 2009 iGEM team of USTC, well, if we just count the dry team, consists of two graduate students and four undergraduates. Our major varies from electrnic engineering to condensed matter physics, from geophysics to computational biology. By such a colorful combination, anything exciting could be possible relying on our brotherhood. We feel so lucky to get acquaintance with each other and really enjoy all the funny days we are together. We will enjoy the days in MIT, just join us!


Who we are

Hi, I'm Wei Pan (Big Ben), as a leader of our team. Currently, I'm a second year master student majored in Biomedical Engineering and a RA in PICB. I got my bachelor's degree in Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology. Fascinated by biology, I try to apply control theory to Systems and Synthetic biology.
Hi, I am an undergraduate student of School for the Gifted Young at University and Science and Technology of China. I'm in my senior year. My major is condensed matter physics, and I also have a wide interest in Systems and Synthetic Biology and Computer Science.
Xiaomo, or Soimort Yao is a fantastic guy who is the youngest among us. He joint us when he just accomplished his first tryout in ACM as a freshman. He smoothly finishes all the GUI design part of the ABCD Suite with QT toolkit. He majors in Geophysics.
Jiahao is a sophomore student (this semester a junior) coming from School of Information Science and Technology Sciences. He's not only the designer of ABCD's I/O connection with SBML, but also a mild tempered Bejinger who can do Taekwondo.

Yu is a CMP majored senior student who finds interdecipline research of this sort really fits well with his appetite. And he always says that 'from teammates I do learn and gain happiness'. More Info about him is avaliable here.
I am the instructor of our team.It is my third time to take part in iGEM.It is excited to work together with our team members.My major is computational biology. Click here to know more about me

We have FUN!

iGEM is fun! And even when the 'wetness' is drained, fun remains the same for 'dryness'. We and the USTC wet team work together to help find inspirations and fun. Here follows snapshots of those happy moments.

  • The recruitment
  • Yuan Xiao Festival
  • Spring Outing
  • Duan Wu Festival
  • On Mid-Autumn Day
Automatic Biological Circuits Design
Team Logo: wanna know more about the hinding metaphors and inspirations in this little red square? Click to check out how much fun this year's iGEM has brought us!


Teaching Affair Office, USTC

School of Life Sicences, USTC

Foreign Affair Office, USTC

Graduate School, USTC

School of Information Science and Technology, USTC

School for the Gifted Young, USTC