Our BioBricks

We have contributed to the Registry with a set of parts, but one of them outstands all the others: aequorin. This reporter protein needs a prosthetic group, coelenterazine, and citoplasmic Ca2+ to work. This means that light is only emitted whenever the researcher uses coelenterazine and whenever there is a media full of Ca2+. There are some works that use aequorin to sense Ca2+, but we have tamed the protein to emit light whenever we want with the activation through electric current.

A thorough characterization has been made and can be found either at the corresponding page in this wiki or at the Registry.

Additionally, we have used a collection of knock outs in order to have genetic negative control that help us confirm that the light effect is not an artifact.


a 3D model of aequorin, our outstanding BioBrick contribution to the Registry.