Team:Virginia/11 August 2009


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Overnight Results

  • Small broths with ABP had no visible growth, but those with pSB3K3, PCS, and ABP-HA(2-5) had growth


  • Miniprep of pSB3K3, PCS, and ABP-HA(2-5)
    • Sent ABP-HA(2-5) to be sequenced in Jordan with VF2/VR primers
  • Gel of PCR products from 76/82 samples using RFP/GFP/rRNA primers
  • Growth curve in 0.2mM As
    • Using cuvette growing technique
  • Transformed and plated A09-11 (ArsR + E0240 in pSB1A2)
  • Cut pSB3k3 E,P
    • Gel to be added