Team:Virginia/26 June 2009


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Overnight Results

  • No colonies
    • A09-3
    • A09-4


  • Ran gel of ligations: A09-4, A09-3(2)reg,gel
    • Nothing except for one of the A09-3(2) lanes, which is weird since there should be DNA in there
  • Running a gel with older maxiprepped parts like promoters and such to see if they're still OK
    • Vgem062609.jpg
    • Top: B0015, B0032, R0040, R0010, E0040, pSB4C5, pSB3K5, pSB4A5, pSB1A3
    • Bottom: J13002, J04500, ABP(E,P), E0040(X,P), pSB1C3 (newer) (E,P), A09-3(2) (ligation product) reg & in-gel ligation
    • Many tubes that are supposed to contain plasmids show multiple bands, not good