Team:Virginia/29 June 2009


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Overnight Results


  • Discussion with Prof Kozminski
    • Ligation: Need to use agarose certified for in-gel ligation
    • Protein purification/detection: probably want to use HA tag since we just to show we're getting protein expression; affinity purification overkill; need to consider size of tag

  • Miniprep of untransformed DH5a just for control's sake
  • Cut ABP (X,P)
  • Ligate @15C A09-3(3): ABP (E,P) pSB1C3 (E,P)
  • Ligate @15C A09-5: ABP (X,P) & J13002(S,P)
  • Ligate @15C A09-6: ABP (X,P) & J04500(S,P)
  • Starch iodine As assay - order reagents
  • Modeling: Installing software