V Team.png

  • Joe Bozzay (BME '10)
  • Maria Fini (BME '10)
  • Brandon Freshcorn (BME '10)
  • Rohini Manaktala (BME '11)
  • Dan Tarjan (Biology '10)
  • Thaddeus Webb (Biology '10)


  • Erik Fernandez, Chemical Engineering
  • Inchan Kwon, Chemical Engineering
  • Jason Papin, Biomedical Engineering
  • Keith Kozminski, Biology
  • Michael Timko, Biology

Special Thanks

  • Kay Christopher
  • Kim Yasutis
  • Matt Oberhardt

Helping other Teams

  • We helped the Brown University team by supplying them with BBa_K156010 as the version supplied by the registry did not seem functional.
  • The VCU team visited us here in Charlottesville, Va. on Oct 18, 2009 for a joint practice presentation session. Both teams received invaluable feedback on their projects and improved inter-university relations!
The VCU team visits for practice presentations