Team:Virginia Commonwealth/Results



  • Designed new BioBrick part family (UP-elements) and demonstrated function.
  • Quantitatively characterized UP-elements using flow cytometry and RT-PCR.
  • Proposed a minimal measurement standard for characterizing transcriptional parts.

Experimental Results

We are currently generating and processing our data and are looking forward to sharing our characterization results at the 2009 Jamboree (via poster and oral presentation). Please find a sample of flow cytometry fluorescence data below.

Sample flow cytometry data - Run 001 (leftmost, black line) is a control and runs 002 (green line) and 003 (blue line) are constitutive promoters


We have been in discussion with the University of Virginia iGEM team regarding experimental procedures and project execution.

We met up with the University of Virginia iGEM team for a practice presentation on Oct. 18