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  1. Arm Complex
    1. 96-well plate holder(1 needed)
      1. Attach the position 1 of a 15-brick to the position 1 of a 13 brick.
      2. attach the position 1 of a 13-brick to the position 15 of the 15-brick.
      3. Attach a 15-brick to the position 11's of the two 13-bricks.(It should make it look like a parallelogram with two legs)
    2. Double Arms(2 needed)
      1. Arms(4 needed)
        1. Attach the position 1 of an 11-brick to the position 11 of another 11-brick.
        2. Numbering goess from top to bottom.
      2. Attach the position 5 of an arm to the position 1 of a 15-brick.
      3. Attach another arm's position 5 to the position 15 of the 15-brick.
      4. Numbering: Left arms are labeled as with a prime before(like '3, plural like '1's), right arms have a prime after (like 3', plural like 1"s), and the 15-brick is labeled as before.
    3. Attach the left leg(end) of a plate holder to the '1's of two double arms(one above, one below).
    4. Attach the other leg to the 1"s of the double arms.(There isn't any choice for whether to put it above or below).
  2. NXT Brick Complex (1 needed)
    1. NXT Brick Sub-Complex (1 needed)
      1. Attach the 2-Sensor-Hole position of an NXT Brick to the 2-position of a 13-brick.
      2. Attach the 5-Sensor-Hole position of the NXT Brick to the 2-position of another 13-brick.
      3. Nxt-Brick numbers as before, the 13-brick on the 2-Sensor Hole position is the same with a prime before, and the other 13-brick has a prime after.
    2. Attach the 4-hole of a 11-brick to the '12 hole of the NXT Brick Subcomplex, and the 8-hole of the 11-brick to the 12'hole of the Subcomplex.
    3. Attach the 1-hole

(more stuff here)

Pipet Holder

Pipet Holder
  1. Crossbeams(2 needed):
    1. Attach the center of an H-Bracket to position 2 of a 9-brick.
    2. Attach another H-bracket to the 9-brick in position 5.
  2. Put the crossbeams such that the H-Brackets are aligned.
  3. Attach two 9-bricks to the H-brackets, on the positive side of the other 9-bricks.(hole-hole)
  4. Attach a black H with a +-shaped hole in it to the 8,9 position on a non-crossbeam 9-brick.
  5. Push a 12-rod through the +-shaped hole.
  6. Put the following onto the rod: a full bushing, two worm-toothed gears(aligned), and another full bushing.


Good Features

  1. Simple idea

Neutral Features

  1. Radial Coordinate System(CS)
    • Can be argued as bad, since the 96-well plate well CS is difficult to convert to the Radial Coordinate System.

Bad Features

  1. Top-Heavy
  2. Front-Heavy:topples easy
  3. Small motor errors leads to big well errors
  4. The NXT Brick on the base is difficult to get out.
  5. Can get stuck easily.