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iGEM Autobiography of Miss Anike Akinrinlade!!!!!!

As you may have guessed already my name is Anike Akinrinlade; I am in my third year of studying Biochemical Engineering. After my third year of study I am going to do a Masters by Gods grace in Chemical Engineering. I have an interest in renewable energy and finding alternative ways to produce energy. I aspire to go to remote villages and various parts of the world, where people are surviving without electricity; and find a natural/renewable method for people to produce and use energy.

iGEM has been an AMAZING experience so far. I have improved my wet-lab skills and gained a lot of knowledge on synthetic biology! It may seem as if my future career and aspirations spiral away from synthetic biology; however this is not the case. Working as part of the three muskateers, and under astounding supervisors has opened my understanding on how cells can be used to produce energy.

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