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Who we are

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The University of Lethbridge iGEM team is composed of seven undergraduate students, two graduate students and our supervisor. We also have a crew of advisory members, mostly past team members who have moved on. We mainly have backgrounds in biochemistry, but neuroscience and biology majors are also included. Because of our small size, we have split the workload in the sense that certain people are in charge of various efforts, but everyone helps out and experiences everything.

Individual Bios

hj Hj Wieden is our team instructor. Assistant Professor University of Lethbridge(2005 - present);Ph.D. University of Witten/Herdecke(2000);M.Sc. Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf(1994);Ingenuity New Faculty(2007);Canada Research Chair (TIER2) in Physical Biochemistry (2005).
Jeffrey Fischer is a PhD candidate working with HJ Wieden on characterizing the kinetics of a novel ribosome associated GTPase. He is involved with some modeling, lab work, and anything else that needs some doing. Spare time (what spare time?) activities include playing soccer, going to the gym, hiking, and travelling when possible jeffy
ab Alix Blackshaw is going into her fourth year of Neuroscience. This is her second year of iGEM and she will be working primarily on fundraising, ethics and gaining lab skills.
Lisza Bruder is a 4th year biochemistry major. She is working with the research and development team for iGEM this summer. lb
mc Mackenzie Coatham is entering her second year of biochemistry studies at the University of Lethbridge. This is her first year participating in the iGEM competition and she hopes to gain practical experience that she could apply to a future career in medicine. In her spare time, she enjoys such sports as dance and figure skating. She also loves to read, watch television, travel and spend time with friends.
Ashley Duncan is going into her fourth year of biochemistry. This is her first year in iGEM and she has taken on editing the wiki as well as working on the Team's "Business Plan" through Alberta Ingenuity Fund. She spends her summers working at Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada as a research assistant in the Winter Wheat Genetics program. In her spare time she enjoys camping and taking her dog for coulee runs. ad
fm Fan Mo is a M.Sc student in biochemistry. She is also a member of the R&D group. This summer she will play with some molecular biology assays, and hopefully they are fun.
Kirsten Rosler is going into her fourth year of biochemistry and can be seen walking around campus with her headphones permantly implanted in her ears. This is her first year of iGEM and she is looking forward to getting some hands on lab experience. In her freetime she enjoys snowboarding, swimming and watching all the TV seasons she can. kr
rs Roxanne Shank is a 4th year Biochemistry Major with a specialty in NMR Spectroscopy and RNA Biology. Roxanne participated on the UofL iGEM team in 2008, and looks forward to continuing the iGEM experience this year. Roxanne will be leading us in the lab along with Jeffrey Fischer as our official lab masters, offering tutorials and extra help where needed, as well as ensuring that lab supplies and equipment are maintained. Roxanne is currently undertaking an Honours Thesis in RNA Biochemistry with Dr. Ute Kothe, and works in the Chemistry department with Dr. Paul Hazendonk and Dr. Michael Gerken studying Fluorinated Compounds and Polymers via Solid-State and Solution Based NMR.
Megan Torry has a degree in Neuroscience, and is presently doing open studies while working for Dr. McNaughton at the Canadian Center for Behavioural Neuroscience. Her main focuses are cognitive processes, data analysis, and discovering research areas and topics that increase her ambition to go back to school. During her spare time you may find her with friends and family, playing in the garden or snow, playing soccer, or experimenting with food, music, crafts, paints or the occasional piece of clay. mt