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We have two projects for I-Gem.

1,Cyanobacteria converter. Inspired by several features of cyanobacteria, which is low-grade, fast-growing, photosynthetic and easy to operate. We aim to construct an pathway in cyanobacteria so that when it is carrying photosynthesis,carbon dioxide can be transferred into target production, ethanol.

2,Another project is to engineer a Yeast Two-hybrid system aimed at Microcystins(MCs, induce liver cancer) detection in waters. The threat of MCs in seas, rivers, lakes and Reservoirs has become more and more severe worldwide due to eutrophication in pulltion waters. This MCs detection device takes the advatage of Gal4 promoter, which consists of two domains, one is AD(Activation domain), the other BD(Binding domain). When AD and BD are close enough to each other, the Report gene transcription LacZ willed trigued. We selected and modified two peptides that have specific interation with MCs, and engineered them into two vectors to construct a Yeast Two-hybrid system. In the presence of MCs at different concentrations, blue dots in different shades of colours could be seen with naked eyes.