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Adam Bower

VCU 2009 Adam.JPG

Adam Bower is a junior in the VCU CLSE department and is an active member in the VCU chapter of AIChE. He has had a lot of fun this summer and is proud of what his team has been able to accomplish (besides getting along). He is glad to have taken part in this wonderful opportunity and hopes to continue with the research for the next few months.

Kevin Bussing

VCU 2009 Kevin.JPG

Kevin Bussing is a junior Chemical and Life Science Engineering student at Virginia Commonwealth University. He joined this iGEM team to broaden his horizons and to gain research experience. Kevin has had a lot of fun working with his teammates on this project and is sad to see it end. He graciously thanks his advisers and wishes his teammates the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Clay Crenwelge

VCU 2009 Clay.JPG

Richard Clay Crenwelge IV is a senior CLSE student at VCU. Richard first learned about the iGEM competition over the summer while participating in the VCU HHMI Summer Scholars Program. His future career interests involve water purification.

Maria McClintock

VCU 2009 Maria.JPG

Maria McClintock is a junior in Chemical and Life Science Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is currently Vice President of the AIChE Student Chapter at VCU and an active member of VCU’s Honor College.

Afton Trent

VCU 2009 Afton.JPG

Afton Trent is a sophomore studying Chemical and Life Science Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. She joined the iGEM team to gain experience by exploring synthetic biology and other aspects of chemical engineering.