Team:Aberdeen Scotland/WetLab


University of Aberdeen iGEM 2009

Wetlab: An Overview

Wiring Diagram 3aberdeen20094.JPG


In order to work most efficiently we decided to split the wet lab work into 3 separate modules that can be constructed and tested individually, but are at the same time compatible to each other and can be transformed into a single cell upon completion.

The first of these sub-projects is the AND gate of which Calum and Zuzana assumed charge of. In addition to this they also carried out the motility assays.

AND gateAberdeen2009.JPG

The second sub-project was the LacI-Latching mechanism as well as the Lysis function. This part of the project was mainly covered by Daniel and Risat.


The third sub-project which was handled by Jennifer and Katriona included the Quorum Sensing in addition to a range of qualitative assays relating to the protein interaction outside of the cell.

Quorum SensingAberdeen2009.JPG

Completed biobricks aberden 2009.jpg