Team:Calgary/Second Life/Tutorial


University of Calgary



Second Life is a FREE application that can be installed on your computer in order to view the virtual world and gain access to Synthetic Biology Interactive.

The program is available for all operating systems like Windows and Mac but in order to run everything smoothly your computer must meet the minimum requirements found HERE. It takes up approximately 500MB of space on your computer and may store additional data.

You can join and download the viewer from the official site HERE, then follow the instructions. The process is quick and easy!

Once you have chosen your avatar (character) and name, you will be asked to teleport to a region. It doesn’t matter right now so pick any one. You can then follow a tutorial in-world or follow the instructions here. You can go to Synthetic Biology Interactive by clicking on the “map” button on the bottom options bar and search for “LINDSAY Virtual Medicine”, then clicking teleport.

Moving around: Use the arrow keys to move. You can fly by pressing the “Fly” button on the bottom options bar and clicking on the arrows in small box on your screen to control altitude. An easier method would be just holding the PageUp key and then using the PageUp and PageDown keys to control altitude.

Looking around: The camera is by default centered on your avatar and you can zoom in and out by rolling the mouse wheel. You can also hold “alt” and use the arrow keys to look around without moving your character.

Basic manipulation of objects and use of inventory will be explained in the Synthetic Kingdom. As well, further guides to movement will be present on signs set up around the island.

If you find that it’s running a little slow and there is lots of lag try going into Edit -> Preferences -> Graphics. Then lower the Quality and Performance slider.

For further help and questions please contact Patrick King at