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The SynBioWave source code


We tried for over 3 hours to upload our zipped program code to the Wiki. Due to the massive server load, that was not possible. As time is running out, we finally uploaded the files to our Sourceforge project, and send an Email to hq.


Get the latest revision of SynBioWave from our SVN-repositories at Sourceforge


The Robot Template

Add these classes to your Wave robot to turn him into a SynBioWave robot.

The SynBioWave Robot (

Here are the classes of our main robot (every robots needs a lot of static files from Google, these will not be posted here. A complete file list is available from the download or at the SVN):

The Blast Robot (

A Robot doing a blast search. Using the template, few lines of code are needed to implement it:

The BioBrick DAS package

This package provides all classes needed for the communication with the BioBrick registry database. This package is used by our basic SynBioWaveRobot class.

qooxWaveClient - client-side implementation of qooxwave

The client-side implementation is actually a whole qooxdoo application. The entire project can be found at the Sourcefourge project side. The main classes we created for this application are the following:

In addition we created some Wave objects for debugging outside the Wave (Thanks to Fabian Jakobs from the qooxdoo developer team):