Team:TorontoMaRSDiscovery/11 August 2009


August 11, 2009

  1. Digested 4, 5, Enc, C(E+P), C(X+S)
    • BB4 did not digest
    • 5, C is stored in fridge
  2. Calvin suggested increasing the concentration of enzyme and increase time of digestion due to thawing enzymes over weekend in fridge
  3. Miniprepped 1+2(1) with new kit, got great yield ~100ng/ul
  4. Gel extracted C (X+S) after it was CIPed
  5. Overnight ligation of Enc+C in PCR machine
  6. Calvin gave us 2 vials of RbCl cells in -80C
    • one time use only
    • thaw and add DNA