About-brown-igem-bar-1.png The Brown iGEM Lab is entirely student-run and consists of nine Brown University undergraduates. We began our training last spring with a lab course in Synthetic Biology. Under the gracious support of the Brown Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award (UTRA) Program and funding from various other academic departments, we were able to work throughout the summer on our project. Though the project's generation and implementation was an entirely student-directed process, the team owes much of its academic and research support to the faculty and graduate student advisers that helped make everything possible. Here at Brown, we pride ourselves in upholding the ideals set out by the iGEM competition, namely that the project we have set out to create is fully our own (from creation to completion) and that each student involved in the program be afforded his/her full opportunity to both learn and contribute in the lab. Therefore, in the true spirit of Synthetic Biology, our team's project this year works hard to reflect the many different research backgrounds contributed by its nine individual members; elements of electrical engineering, electrochemistry, genetics, and microbiology are incorporated.


  • Faculty Advisor : Dr. Gary Wessel, Professor of Biology, Bio Med Molecular, Cellular Biology Biochemistry
  • Graduate Student Advisor : Adrian Reich, Graduate Student, Bio-Med (Bio)
  • Graduate Student Advisor : Diana Donovan, Graduate Student, Bio-Med (Bio)

Undergraduate Students:

  • William Allen: Will Allenquot
  • Michael Chang: MC Mastermix
  • Stephanie Cheung: Stephylococcus
  • Ashley Kim: Ashley Kimwipe
  • Flora War War Ko: Nasal Flora
  • Elias Scheer: E.coli Scheer
  • Minoo Ramanathan: Minoo Prep
  • Ahmad Rana: Ahmad Ran-a-gel
  • Indu Voruganti: The INDUcer