It is fair to say that without our sponsors the Cambridge iGEM team would have had a much harder time getting anything done.

The people we would especially like to thank for their enthusiasm and support of the Cambridge team are:

Cambridge Sponsor Logo1.png Renata Almeida at Bioline for T-shirt sponsorship and molecular biology products.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo2.png Euan Forbes and Charlotte Batley (formerly) at Fermentas for Fast Digest enzymes, ligases, ladders and T-shirt sponsorship.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo3.png David Laflin and Dominic Hogan at Fisher Scientific for chemicals, plasticware and lab consumables.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo4.png Suravi Chatterjee, Rosemary Sinclair and Chris Uff at VWR for the molecular biology chemicals.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo5.png
Cambridge Sponsor Logo8.png
Everybody at Labtech International, in particular Glynis Johnson and Rachel Keevil for the loan of a Piko thermal cycler, plus Finnzymes Phusion DNA polymerase mixes and a Nanodrop 2000.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo6.png Ya-Chi Chen at Clontech for the In-Fusion Advantage kit, competent cells and chemicals.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo7.png Hilde Moseby at Starlab for a huge resource of pipette tips and PCR tubes.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo9.png Jeremy Minshull and colleagues at DNA2.0 for Biobrick DNA synthesis, in particular their generous offer to synthesise the Vio operon at no charge.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo10.png Lauren Dyer and John Pickering at Sterilin for the large supply of microbiological sterile plasticware.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo11.png
Cambridge Sponsor Logo12.png
Stephanie McHugh at Source BioScience/Geneservice for organising free DNA sequencing.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo14.png
Cambridge Sponsor Logo13.png
James Newton and Phil Dobson at Cambridge Biosciences for providing Zymo Research DNA clean up, extraction and plasmid prep kits.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo15.png
Cambridge Sponsor Logo16.png
Nina Markillie at GRI for loan of a GeneTechnologies G-storm PCR machine and free KAPA DNA polymerase.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo17.png Alex Orda at Anachem for the supply of Earthsaver pipette tips.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo18.png Miles Collier at Invitrogen for supplying the E-gel system with E-gels and loan of a Blue light transilluminator.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo19.png Edward Bagenal from New England Biosciences for T-shirt sponsorship, and donations of Turbo Electrocompetent E. Coli, 2-log DNA ladders, Phusion Flash High-Fidelity Master Mix and Supercoiled DNA ladders.
Cambridge Sponsor Logo20.png Everyone from BMG Labtech for an Omega Series Multidetection Microplate Reader.

The University of Cambridge: The School of Biological Sciences, Department of Genetics, Department of Plant Sciences, Department of Biochemistry, Department of Physiology, Neurobiology & Development and the Herschel-Smith Chair, The School of Technology, Department of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and Department of Physics.

And finally a massive big Thank You to Duncan Rowe who helped us tremendously with organising sponsorship.

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