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Experimental Setup

Illumination Process


  • LED blue (458nm) 3mm (Distrelec ref number: 63 12 48)
  • LED red (750nm) 5mm (Roithner LaserTechnik LED750-03AU)
  • Resistor network 56 Ohms (Distrelec ref number: 71 52 75)
  • Resistor network 82 Ohms (Distrelec ref number: 71 52 81)
  • DC Power supply of 5V


As the forward voltage of the blue LEDs is 3.5V and the nominal current is 20 mA, we mounted each blue LED in serial with a resistance of 82 Ohms.

The forward voltage of the red LEDs is 1.9V and the nominal current is 100mA. So we mounted each red LED in serial with a resistance of 56 Ohms.


The initial cell culture is made in dark state. Then we illuminate them in the incubator, with constant shaking. To do so, we use small erlenmeiers to have a sufficient amount of culture for the experiments and so that the cells are in a sufficient medium to grow. We also use the red LEDs while loading our samples for further experiments as the LovTAP respond only to a wave lenght.

Culture under blue light


We used 2 different devices to measure the florescence of our report systems.

A plate reader
A qPCR machine