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In order to give more visibility to iGEM and to present the novel field of synthetic biology, we contacted several newspapers to speak about our project and the context in which it is being conducted. Our main goal here is to inform people, to give them a better understanding of what is hidden behind the words and expressions such as "synthetic biology", "cloning", or "genetical engineering", and tell them there is an iGEM team in Lausanne !


Below are listed the newspapers we have been in touch with:

24H and La Tribune de Genève

An interview of one member of our team was published along with an article about our project in two broadly read papers of our region : 24 heures and La Tribune de Genève. Link to the article :



Article in the Flash, which is the internal newspaper of the EPFL :

Click here to read the entire Flash
Click here to read only our article, called "Bricolage biologique"

Le Temps

Contact: Olivier Dessibourg, scientific journalist (head of the "Society and Sciences" category). A member of our team was interviewed on October 9th. We also provided Mr. Dessibourg with some references and shown him the lab. Unfortunately, the article hasn't been published yet so we can't put the link, but check out in Le Temps in the following days ;-).


Two members of our team were interviewed on October 1st, at the EPFL by a journalist from Martigny (Valais). Link to the article on the nouveliste's web site : Article Nouvelliste. And another link to this article: here.


In order to have some help and advices for this part of the project, we contacted a few persons of our university.

We contacted Ariane Vlerick at the EPFL (Communication coordinator in the Life Sciences faculty). She was very helpful and gave us the name of some people that helped us a lot :

  • the Mediacom Service of EPFL (Jérome Grosse and Frédéric Rauss) → will provide us a help in order to explain our projet in different media
  • projet Portes Ouvertes (Alain Herzog)
  • presentation in gymnases (Maya Fruehauf). She gave us the contact at the Gymnase de Burier, which allowed us to go there and make a little presentation to the students.

We would like to thank them for their help.

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