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Ii09 trophy.pngAchievements

Here is a summary of the achievements of the Imperial College 2009 team. For more information about each achievement, please click on the relevant links below:

Ii09 brick.pngBioBricks

Ii09 eng.PNGEngineering

Ii09 eth.PNGEthics

  • Explored the current Ethical Issues in Synthetic Biology, as well as those specific to our project.
  • Took part in the Valencia ethics survey, and became the first team to win the Valencia Ethics gold medal.
  • Investigated the safety implications of the project as a whole.

Ii09 tick.PNGOthers

  • Helped the iGEM newcomers UCL by sending them a plate of Registry DNA kit plate from 2007.

These links may be useful to browse further through our results and achievements:

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