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The E.ncapsulator

Many thanks for taking part in the tour of our project. Feel free to browse through the sections of our project in more depth, using the sidetabs on the left or the images below.


Ii09 trophy.pngAchievements

Here is a summary of the achievements of the Imperial College 2009 team. For more information about each achievement, please click on the relevant links below:

Ii09 brick.pngBioBricks

Ii09 eng.PNGEngineering

Ii09 eth.PNGEthics

  • Explored the current Ethical Issues in Synthetic Biology, as well as those specific to our project.
  • Took part in the Valencia ethics survey, and became the first team to win the Valencia Ethics gold medal.
  • Investigated the safety implications of the project as a whole.

Ii09 tick.PNGOthers

  • Helped the iGEM newcomers UCL by sending them a plate of Registry DNA kit plate from 2007.

These links may be useful to browse further through our results and achievements:

Major Results
Submitted Parts
Human Practices
Pill Manufacture
Mr. Gene   Geneart   Clontech   Giant Microbes