Team:KULeuven/3 August 2009


Project progress

Progress of parts

[edit] Blue Light Receptor

[edit] Vanillin Production

We received the COMT, sam5 and sam8 from Edinburgh today. Unfortunately, the tube containing the sam5 + RBS (with the PstI site) was opened during transport and all DNA in it was lost. The others were transferred into competent cells by electroporation.

  • sam5 + RBS in (with PstI site removed),
  • sam8 + RBS in ,
  • sam8 in coding sequence,
  • COMT in coding sequence,

The cells were put into liquid LB to recuperate from the procedure, transferred onto LB/amp plates and grown overnight at 37°C.

We also made liquid cultures of the RBS + fcs and RBS + ech cultures so we can miniprep them tomorrow.

[edit] Vanillin Receptor

  • Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain pTiA6NC/A1011 was plated out on LB-medium.
  • Primers for virA, virG, promotor region virB and RpoA have arrived

[edit] Key/Lock/Anti-Key