Team:KU Seoul/Safety



1. Would any of your project ideas raise safety issues in terms of: researcher safety, public safety, or environmental safety?

No. Our promoters and linked genes(amd, GFP, etc.) are conisdered to cause no harm to the environment.

2.Is there a local biosafety group, committee, or review board at your institution?

Yes, we have a Bioethics Committee, composed of professors from various departments; Lifescience, Law, Medical School.

These are what they consider : 1) The ethical, scientifical validity of biotechnology research

2) Whether appropriate procedures were taken in case of organic parts donation(sperms, eggs, cells, etc.).

3) Whether appropriate saftey measures regarding the donor and his/her rights are prepared.

4) Any other subjects related to bitotechnology research & development done in the university

3.What does your local biosafety group think about your project?

Because our parts are not related to conferring resistances, we haven't actually asked them about our project till recently. We have sent our parts and project discription, and are waiting for replies.

4.Do any of the new BioBrick parts that you made this year raise any safety issues?