Team:KU Seoul/Team


Who we are


1. Grade & Major

2. Motto

3. Message to IGEM teams


  • Ingeol Choi: Our Professor
  • Grad Student :
  • Hyukjin Ko :
                  1. Doctor Course
                  2. Don't regret.
                  3. Best Wishes to all.


  • Hanseung Roh :
                  1. Master Course
                  2. Where there is a will, there is a way.    
                  3. Hello~
  • Cheolwon Choi :
                  1. Senior, Genetic Engineering
                  2. Let's be a striving genius.
                  3. Participation is what's important, not the results.
  • Jihye Shin :
                  1. Senior, Biotechnology
                  2. Let's be someone worth investment.
                  3. Nice to meet you all! I am excited from my toes just thinking 
                     about the Jamboree. Lets us make memories of a lifetime.
  • Yeonjin Kong :
                  1. Senior, Environmental science & Ecological engineering                   
                  2. A person who can govern oneself can govern one's family, 
                     and a person who can govern one's family can govern the nation, 
                     and a person who can govern one's nation can govern the world peacefully.
                  3. KU_Seoul Fighting!!!
  • Young Byun :
                  1. Senior, Biology
                  2. Practice makes perfect.
                  3. Here comes KU_Seoul!!!
  • Cheolwoo Lee :
                  1. Junior, Environmental science & Ecological engineering
                  2. Impossible is nothing.
                  3. I would like to make possibility. 
                     Good luck to everybody who visit a this web page!
  • JiHui Jang :
                  1. Junior, Biothechnology
                  2. Carpe diem!
                  3. We're coming!!!
  • Kina Jeon :
                  1. Junior, Biotechnology
                  2. Never lose a smile.
                  3. Thank you for visiting our team wiki! 
                     Can't wait to see all your mind-boggling ideas at iGEM 2009 :) 
  • Yoonji Kim :
                  1. Junior, Bioengineering
                  2. A life with prayers.
                  3. Let's do our best!!!
  • Simin Kim :
                  1. Sophomore, Environmental science & Ecological engineering
                  2. Carpe diem!
                  3. I want to do evenrything good enough to touch myself.
                     Experience an unforgettable Time in igem 2009! 
                     Good luck to all participators  :)

What we did

Circuit Design and Modeling : Hyukjin Ko

Wiki Design : Hansung Roh, Young Byun

Poster Design : Cheolwon Choi, Simin Kim

Team T shirt Design : Cheolwoo Lee and his friend

Fund Raising : Cheolwon Choi, Young Byun, Jihye Shin, Jihui Jang

Experiments, Research : All members

Support : Professor Ingeol Choi

Special Thanks :

Where we're from


Korea University is located at Anamdong, Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is divdided largely into South and North, with the the Han river flowing through the middle. Anamdong is placed northwest to the Han river. Korea University, with 15 Colleges, 1 Graduate School, 3 Professional Graduate Schools and 10 Specialized Graduate Schools, was established on May 5, 1905.