The Front of our Tshirt.
The Back of our Tshirt.

Team Newcastle have created their t-shirts. You should be able to recognise us easily at the Jamboree.


Initial iterations of the design were being created throughout the summer. During July we decided on purple shirts. Our designs were in part influenced by Football ("Soccer") shirts. We have had 15 shirts made, with most of them being personalised with our names on the reverse side.


The front of our t-shirt contains a large version of our team logo in the centre. Traditionally on a football shirt this is where a sponsor logo would go, but as we have more than one sponsor, we decided to collect the sponsor logos together and put them at the bottom of the front of our shirt. Like a football shirt, we have put our university crest at the top on the right.


On the back of our t-shirt contains the number '09' in the place that a football shirt would have a squad number. 09 represents the year, 2009. At the top of the back of our t-shirt we will each have our name; making our shirts personalised. This again is a football reference. Surrounding the number 09 is a representation of an imaginary plasmid, which contains the names of all of the genes that we have been using in our project.

T-shirt shopping trip

On the morning of 10 September, the students took some time out of the lab to visit t-shirt printing companies. The first company which we visited was located in Newcastle city centre, just across Haymarket from the University itself. This company was a backup plan.

Team Newcastle 2009 iGEM 10-09-09 IMG 1020.JPG

The main part of our trip was to an industrial estate across the River Tyne in Team Valley, Gateshead. We looked around various shops for t-shirts and materials, before going to a company called The Print House. They were willing to supply both the t-shirts and the professional printing facilities. The final design has been developed, and sent for printing.

Team Newcastle 2009 iGEM 10-09-09 IMG 1041.JPG



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