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Helping Another iGEM Team

Team:Newcastle have helped other iGEM teams. The first completed instance of assisting another team was with Team:UQ-Australia.


Team:Newcastle helped UQ-Australia with their modelling. UQ-Australia had previously been focusing on the Wet Lab Biology of their project, which is Bioprecipitation and Biofiltration. The model files which were written in the Matlab software environment are based on their Mercury Vacuum Project.

We prepared the model to sense Mercury and run the simulations with a quick tutorial on modelling.


We sent UQ-Australia the following files.

Quotes from UQ-Australia

Quote 1

Team Newcastle ProofOfHelpingiGEMTeam.png


Thank you guys so much for your help! The modelling will be of great assistance to our project. If our team is able to assist you in any way possible, do not hesitate to ask.


Richard (on behalf of the UQ-Australia iGEM team)

Quote 2

Thank you once again for your extensive assistance with the model!

Best regards, --Liam Nolan. (on behalf of UQ-Australia iGEM 2009 Team)



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