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  • We will bring our seal to jamboree, also Chinese knots as souvenir.
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  • Our T-shirt has come out:
  • First Stage Assembly accomplished, moving on!
  • Assembly between the first two Modules has been recently accomplished by Shuke Wu! More detailed work is being carried on by him!
  • Our new site is up! Feel free to send any comment to c.z.tian AT



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Conditioned Reflex Mimicking in E.coli

We are engineering our E.coli cells to process the correlation information of two environmental signal, similar to the process of classical conditioning in higher organisms. In our circuits we use a bistable switch as the memory module to represent the memory state; we also constructed a series of AND gates which can sense conditioned and unconditioned signals, and output a repressor protein to change the memory state of the bistable switch. In this way, our E.coli cells can convert the information on the concurrence of two signals to its memory. After the memory module is switched, given the conditioned stimulus, E.coli will activate its reporter module and thus exhibit the "conditioned response".

PKU Logic Circuit.png

Start your journey into the fancy world of Conditioned Reflex Mimicking in E.coli

Road Map

Following is the road map of our project. We still need a second stage assembly in order to finish our project. You can click on the pictures to see the results of each module.So here it is.

Recommondations For Our Site

  • Human Practice

You would really want to read our report from a survey we carried out on DIYbio. Many similar surveys focus on what people think about, and what people would possibly do if faced with such problems. Our survey shows what people really do to DIYbio. It directly reflects the reality of the present situation that DIYbio is in.
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  • Improvement on AND Gate

Our original AND Gate is from Voigt Lab. We make it into standard parts and use a combination of promoter, which leads to several AND Gates that has different properties. The most wonderful thing in the summer holiday that we achieved a greatly improved AND Gate.
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  • Assembly

The most difficult work in the construction of a multi-Module system is assembly. After we have accomplished all the individual modules from Jul to Sept, we made a breakthrough during the National Day (we did experiments during the holiday). That is the first stage assembly is accomplished.
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