We would like to thank many people for their contribution, help in the lab and technical support, particularly:

  • Jernej Gašperšič, Matevž Avbelj, dr. Mateja Zorko, Darija Oven, Irena Škraba, dr. Jožica Friedrich and other members of the Laboratory of Biotechnology, National Institute of Chemistry,

  • dr. Tomaž Bratkovič (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana) for help with phages,

  • Damjan Vengust (Jozef Stefan Institute), dr. Maja Remškar (Jozef Stefan Institute) and dr. Peter Veranič (Institute of cell biology, Medical Faculty) for help and transmission electron microscopy measurements,

  • dr. Ema Žagar (National Institute of Chemistry) and dr. Matija Tomšič (Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana) for measuring of DLS spectra,

  • Milena Zorko (National Institute of Chemistry) for scanning electron microscope measurements,

  • Uroš Maver and Andrej Žnidaršič (National Institute of Chemistry) for help with atomic force microscope.

  • We also thank Anže Abram, Luka Jare and Janko Zorman for support with our wiki and Anita Lozar for helping with the design of our wiki and T-shirts.

We would like to express our thanks to our sponsors:

National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia

University of Ljubljana

Ad futura

Slovenian Research Agency

Občina Ajdovščina

KRKA d.d, Novo mesto



Kemomed d.o.o.


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